Narrativas Diferentes desde Perspectivas Incluyentes.


American Dream

26th Street had never seen so much excitement. While some watched the young woman getting into the taxi with her son and suitcases full of dreams, others wondered why she was leaving her home. Some considered her brave for making the decision to emigrate to an unknown country, while others criticized her for leaving her country and family.

From the perspective of many, the «American Dream» was an opportunity to have a better life, work hard, and achieve success in a country that offered many opportunities. However, others believed it was an illusion that only a few could achieve, and that most ended up in precarious and poorly paid jobs, struggling to survive in a country with a different culture and language.

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As the young woman left her home and prepared to start a new life, her loved ones in her country of origin wondered if she would ever return home. While some believed she was leaving her country and culture behind, others thought she was pursuing the dream of a better and fairer life.

Ultimately, only time would tell if the young woman had made the right decision in pursuing the American Dream. Meanwhile, opinions about immigration and the «American Dream» remained diverse and debated in the community.

At the airport, she watched the hurried people passing through the halls and the security guards watching the place. She wondered if any of them had come looking for the same thing as her, the «American Dream.»

For some, the American Dream meant the possibility of obtaining a quality education, having a good job, and achieving economic stability. For others, it was an opportunity to escape violence and insecurity in their countries of origin. And for others, it was simply the idea of being able to live in a place where they could express themselves freely and be who they really were.

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But there were also those who criticized the American Dream and saw it as an illusion, an idea that only promised success and prosperity to a select group of privileged people. They argued that the American system was designed to favor the rich and powerful, and that immigration only provided cheap labor for companies.

As she boarded the plane, she couldn’t help but think about all these perspectives and wonder if she had made the right decision. She knew that the path she had chosen would not be easy, that she would have to work hard and face many obstacles on the way to the American Dream. But she also knew she couldn’t stay where she was, that she needed a change in her life.

As the plane rose above the clouds, she felt a mix of excitement and fear in her chest. She was leaving everything she knew and loved behind. But she was also opening a new door to an uncertain future.

At the end of the day, the American Dream means different things to different people. But for her, it was the idea of having the freedom to choose her own path in life and having a second chance to achieve her goals and dreams. And although she knew it wouldn’t be easy, she was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Now, I’m far away and my heart is going to scream.


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